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FCC Licensing

Gem State Communications works closely with the FCC and authorized frequency coordinators on current FCC licensing requirements.

We provide full FCC licensing services including new licenses, modifying existing licenses, renewals, and construction notification as well as help you plan for future expansion of your radio communication system. We even have experience with concurrence letters, waiver letters, and non-docketed pleadings. We'll keep you posted about pertinent changes like narrowbanding or spectrum refarming.

New FCC licenses or renewals are valid for 10 years. We keep a database of licenses that we have processed on your behalf and will give you a courtesy call when you need to pay attention to any notices you may receive from the FCC or other spectrum management entities. We also keep track of construction dates on new or modified licenses and file the notification for you at no additional charge.

Our reasonable rates, personal service and experienced personnel can assist you with what can be a baffling and frustrating experience.

So contact us for all of your FCC licensing needs.